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      Civil Discourse, established in 2000, is up and running again after a hiatus. Ours is a boutique web site with a tight group of enthusiasts dedicated to substantive, amicable discussion. We are always happy to welcome like-minded contributors to the forum, regardless of their political, religious or philosophical leanings. Please join our effort to bring civility to online conversation. Click here to learn what CD is all about, here to see our master forum page and here for tips on starting or joining discussions. Register as yourself or under a pseudonym, and you'll soon be eligible to start new conversations, plunge into current debates, and jump-start dormant topics on which you have fresh ideas. If you're not receiving our weekly updates, click your name at the top of any page and be sure you've entered your e-mail address correctly. Send questions and suggestions to EditorCivilDiscourse@yahoo.com. Tell your friends about us, and let's all get Civilized.

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  2. What hath God wrought?

    I simply can not understand. How is it possible that a majority (electoral votes-wise) of Americans can even consider someone like Donald Trump to be capable much less worthy of the office of President? I understand and had to fight myself the 'anyone but Hilary' feeling but Trump? My already declining faith in the intelligence of the American People took an even stronger nosedive just now. aC
  3. Is the site defunct?

    Greetings! Yes. Civil Discourse is 'open.' I've had/have severe vision issues for a couple of years so I've not been able to spend a lot of time online. However, I'm certain once you start posting, others will join in. aC
  4. Is the site defunct?

    I can see that it is still up, but has not had any activity in a year? Is anybody out there?
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