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  1. Effect Of Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan's nomination is good news for the Democrats. They're dancing in the streets. Now here's the bad news. After they win the White House (and possibly Congress as well, thanks to Paul Ryan), the Democrats will split. Their split will be permanent, and it may render their electoral victory meaningless. The split I'm referring to is the split between pragmatists and ideologues. The Democratic ideologues (such as Valerie Jarrett, the President's confidante) will say in 2012 what George Bush said in 2004 -- "We have some political capital, and we intend to spend it." They will seek to spend it on some grand new socialist vision, perhaps a national pension system or a "reform" of the tax code in a progressive direction. The pragmatists will say what they're already saying sotto voce: "Unfortunately, some of what the Republicans are saying is true. Our deficits are too big. Our entitlements are unsustainable. Our government is hostile to job creation. If we want our country to have a future, we need to fix these things." All out war will break out between these two factions. It will be war to the death. It will be war for control of this administration, and war for control of the next administration.
  2. Studying American History

    Let's not forget Becker's "The Declaration of Independence," a classic.
  3. Studying American History

  4. Joe Wilson, Liars, And Decorum

    I agree with your essay and the "crisis of legitimacy" statement. I am wondering if we may be approaching what Lenin termed a revolutionary situation. My sense is that there is a broad nationwide grouping of rightist working class who have already decided to overthrow this government. They are not organized. They don't yet know how they're going to go about it. Sarah Palin is their figurehead, but she's more symbol than substance. They remain leaderless at this point. But that situation will not continue indefinitely. A leader will emerge. The tinder is there. Joe Wilson's yell told us that some public figures are just yearning to be the one to throw the match. I have told my sons, "Get your education while you can. The future is apt to be a dark and bloody ground."