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    Greetings from a mew poster. In the past 8-10 years we have seen the governmental institutions fail the American people at an unprecidented scale. To name a few: 1. Security services-9/11 attacks 2. Infrastructure maintence-Minnesota bridge collapse, pitiful state of the roads, etc 3. Financial security-the current mess and all that led to it 4. Long term economy-the size of the defecit and the runaway spending It seems to me that, given the amount of resources that are spent on the government and its various arms, we should have a much better performance than we get. The causes of this sub-par performance are many and varied, but I would like to focus on one (for now). It is my opinion that we need to find a way to take the money out of politics. Given the vast sums that are spent on campaigns and the need to raise this amount of money, our politicians have turned into fundraisers. When elected (assuming they are) most feel the need to begin raising money for their next election cycle. Also consider the sources of the money and the political clout that is buys. Surely the time devoted to the JOB that was so badly wanted will suffer. Not to mention the time spent "on the road" while accepting money/benefits from the government. Now how this could be done is full of problems. Some will mention abridgement of first amendment rights, others will spout discrimination, and a host of ther arguements. Somehow I think it's very important to get a handle on this to level the playing field. I'll have to leave it to much more savy minds as to how this could be done. Thanks for the soapbox. D Petersen