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Civil Discourse and HTML

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Q: Why won't the site accept HTML code within posts?

A: Our tech adviser tells us a bad actor could cripple the site with HTML abuse, were he given the chance. So we've disabled that capability for all but our moderators. If a member posts HTML code in a post, a moderator will later enable HTML on such entries on a case-by-case basis.

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Q: Any time I "paste" something from another application in one of my posts the html codes appear. I have no clue why. I will leave it to you to clean up the mess if you want. Tell your tech guy that there was a variety of other applications (WordPerfect word processor on my computer, the Springpad net application, and a couple of others) that were used so it doesn't appear to be only one cause.

Sorry 'bout that... but I don't know how to get around "cutting and pasting" on a site like this one.

A: Cutting and pasting is a great thing. For the security reason discussed above, we do not permit members to use HTML tools. One consequence is that imbedded code appears when HTML documents are imported here.

The work-around we've settled on is for moderators to enable HTML on selected posts when this anomaly appears in them.

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Q: I went to edit the post (in which you removed the HTML code) and all that stuff came back. AAARGH. If you fix it I promise I won't touch it again.

A: No problem! Edit as often as you wish, and I'll just use the three keystrokes necessary to make it right again each time, as I've just done.

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