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Joe McQuade

In Defense of American "Weakness" in the Middle East

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Channeling presidential pantywaists like Dwight Eisenhower and George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama believes the first rule of foreign policy is, “Don’t do stupid shit.” Like his role models, he draws howls from right-wing blowhards who prefer chest-thumping to reason and bumper sticker sloganeering to analysis.


Obama is weak, cowardly, feckless, clueless, a traitor to his country – just like Ike. And we are lucky to have him.


Here he is in Turkey this week, patiently parrying the stale talking points that have bedeviled great American statesmen since George Washington:




He’s obviously jet-lagged, and if his slow, discursive delivery tests your patience, read the transcript instead:




And if you want a snappy summary of all this, watch a three-minute clip featuring Col. Jack Jacobs, an NBC military analyst who is so cowardly he won a Congressional Medal of Honor:



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